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May 10, 2016 ·

Mothers of the DISSAPEARED are coming to Colombo to commemorate Mothers day…
Protests and handing over the petition to authorities.Organised by Platform for Freedom and Street Protests.

June 5, 2016 ·

Condemn the attack on Senior web journalist Fredy Gamage

August 30, 2016 ·

“Welcome the Office of the Missing Persons”

amilies of the Disappeared and Platform for Freedom – two civil society organizations that fearlessly stood for upholding rights of minorities during the Rajapake regime – jointly organised a programme in Colombo on the 30th August 2016 to mark the international day of the disappeared. This programme welcomed the proposed Government’s mechanism to deal with the issue of the missing persons in Sri Lanka (or Office of the Missing Persons/ OMP). Family members of the missing persons from North, East, and South participated in the programme. The full day programme comprised of various events such as a public walk in Colombo City condemning enforced disappearances from Sri Lanka. A silent protest/ picket was held at the Lipton Circle Colombo around 12 noon as a mark to tell the world about the grievances and agonies experienced by mothers, fathers, siblings, family members, and community members whose loved ones went missing for many years. The silent protest was followed by a public gathering at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute (SLFI) Colombo in the afternoon with the participation of family members of the missing persons, policy makers, politicians, civil society representatives, religious leaders, academics, and general public.


Demo In Colombo Over Jaffna Rape

A protest has been organized by women’s rights groups in the South to condemn the rape and murder of the 18-year-old girl in Kyats in Jaffna Peninsula.

The women’s groups said that the protest will be staged near the Borella Cemetery roundabout at 4.30 pm on Tuesday.
The women’s groups noted that there is a need to remove the veil of silence in the South and show solidarity and demand justice for the girl who was raped and murdered in Jaffna.

The women’s groups pointed out that in Jaffna, in the recent past, there have been many cases of rape and murder including the cases of Logarani and Saranya. They called on the public in the South to rise with the North against such brutal crimes. The women’s groups invited people to partake in the protest on the 26th wearing black to mourn the death of the teenage girl.


200th day of Disappearance of Prageeth Eknaligoda

Colombo, 09 Aug 2010

Large crowd of media personnel, Human rights activists, politicians gathered today to mark the 200 day of disappearance of Pragith Eknaligoda. They held a sathyagrahaya and public meeting.