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Women’s political participation

WPA-SL Leadership meets on the 10th June 2017 at the Havlock Road, Colombo.

* Strengthen campaign for 25% .

* Launch ” Women’s Equal Rights Campaign”

A workshop on improving capacity of women leaders in politics in Sri Lanka

IMADR AC conducted one day workshop at Kalutara (at Garden’s Beach Hotel, Kaluthara) on 15th August 2016 with the participation of 154 women leaders in the Province.

Hon. Mrs Anoma Gamege (Chairperson of Lakvanitha Women’s Group) made the welcome speech while Hon. Ajith Perera (Deputy Minister of Power and Renewable Energy) made a speech outlining new government’s vision on improving women’s participation in politics in Sri Lanka. Dr Nimalka Fernando (Executive Director – IMADR AC) gave the keynote speech of the workshop by detailing out the challenges faced by women in Sri Lanka in attempting to enter and remain in politics at local to national level. Additional Election Commissioner of Sri Lanka, Mr M.M.Mohammed, gave the guest speaker of the event and in his speech, he explained the new law related to Local Government Act and the 25 quote system for women at local government level nomination and election. Subsequent to these speeches, there was a useful discussion session with a high level of interaction so that women leaders were able to get first-hand information about many issues they had on contesting in upcoming local government election in Sri Lanka.

MADR AC conducted its national programme review meeting on the 25th July 2016 at the Ecumenical Institute of Study and Dialogue at Havelock Road, Colombo.


Our district level partners, members of Women Political Academy, and partner organizations participated in the meeting. Mr Andrea Calvaruso of United Nations Democracy Fund facilitated the programme. The focus of the meeting was to revisit our programmes during last one and half year and our way forward in the future taking into consideration of contemporary socio-political challenges faced by women political leaders at local government level in Sri Lanka.

IMADR has conducted a training program for self-employed women at palawatta (2016- 07-01)

The IMADR AC joined hands with over 200 women from the Nothern Province to celebrate together the Sinhala and Hindu New year with a colourful event held in Kilinochchi on the 23rd April. About 25 members of the Women Political Academy (WPA) also took part in the event to show their solidarity with the war affected women and their courageous efforts towards ethnic reconciliation. Members of the WPA are local women politicians and political aspirants who are getting ready for upcoming the Local Government Election.

IMADR AC organised a capacity building and awareness raising workshop on the newly passed Local Government Law on the 02nd April 2016 in Narammala, Kurunegala. This workshop is one of series of workshops held across the country on developing the capacity of women leaders and women political aspirants/ elected members to encourage them to participate and represent as elected politicians in their constituencies. Around 30 women leaders, women local government (former) elected members, and women political aspirants participated in the Narammala workshop.

Women’s day Kandy – women political academy

The Proposed Constitutional Reforms and Local Government Election – 2016
IMADR Asia Committee organised an awareness programme on the 09th February 2016 at the Ecumenical Institute of Study and Dialogue (EISD), Colombo, to educate 40 women politicians who have been the elected members of local government bodies across the country and prospective candidates in the upcoming election. The participants were educated on the nature of the newly enacted Local Government Act. The resource persons were Dr Nimalka Fernando, and Mr Rohana Hettiarachchi (Executive Director/ PAFFREL). Mrs Shanthinie Kongahage, the former councillor of the Central Provincial Council also participated in the programme.

National Stakeholder  Advocacy Meeting

National Stakeholders’ Advocacy meeting – “Increase Women’s Representation in Politics” . The event  was held at Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall on 2nd Sept 2015. The
Chief Guest was former UN Rapporteur on VAW, Dr Radhika Coomaraswamy. She is now a member of the Constitutional Council – Sri Lanka.

Campaign and Awareness Raising

Vote for Democracy ( Moneragala – General Election 2015)

Let Us establish a democratic rule without the fear of terror, abuse or corruption and establish a society that protects women. Give us your vote (workshop at Moneragala – General  Election 2015)

Vote for Women for Democracy


If, as Abraham Lincoln once said, democracy is “government of the people, by the people, for the people” women should be equal partners in making democracy. The pra omise of de facto democracy for women cannot be fulfilled by law and philosophy alone. It requires transforming the commitment to equality into concrete political realities which will secure women’s capacity to participate as coequal actors in the public and political sphere. This capacity is the meaning of democratic citizenship for women and it is an essential precondition for viable democratic citizenship for men and women alike.
To this effect, IMADR-AC supported to launch a campaign calling on political parties to recognize the need to introduce special measures aimed at increasing women’s representation in political institutions and government. This campaign was in response to contemporary challenges encountered by women activists in relation to gaining equal rights to representation at all levels. Posters, leaflets, and brochures were produced and advocacy campaigns were conducted in this regard. The activity assisted in consolidating the WPA-SL network.

Poster and Media Campaign

More Women in Parliment – Paper Adds

 ඇයගේ අයිතින් වෙනුවෙන් ……..
මෙවර පාර්ලිමේන්තුවේ කාන්තා නියොජනය ඉහළ නංවමු…

Women’s Manifesto 


In 2010, on International Women’s Day, a national campaign was launched in collaboration with partners and other networks on the theme “protect media freedom, enhance democracy and increase women’s participation in politics.”  The main event was held in Colombo at J.R Jayawardena Center. This event was attended by an array of representatives from civil society, trade unions, political parties,  wives of disappeared, women’s organizations, religious leaders and NGO activists. At this event, the women’s manifesto, which highlights pressing the demand for equal rights for women in the social, economic and political spheres, was launched.
This women’s manifesto was specially designed for female candidates contesting the forthcoming local government elections.
This manifesto emphasizes that democracy means full and equal political citizenship for all. The campaign called for commitment from aa ll political leaders at the highest levels to ensure women’s full and equal participation in democratic processes. The manifesto was handed over to representatives of political parties who were present at the event.

The programme concluded with a public event. A procession led by women marched towards the Lipton circle, Colombo to make the demands more visible. Women from all walks of life joined in the streets to raise their voices for democracy and for equal rights in politics and citizenship. As a result, women political activists gained media space during the election period.

Women’s Manifesto – 2015

The Manifesto was revised in 2015 during the Presidential Election in consultation with members of various women’s forums at the district level and members of Local Government institutions who are active members of the WPA-SL.

The document was forwarded to the Presidential candidates. Women’s Assembly and Women’s Political Manifesto:Presidential Election 2015

Monitoring Parliamentary General Election – 2015 

Summary Report of Pre Election Violence Monitoring – IMADR and WPA-SL


2010 Campaign on Protecting Women’s Human Rights,Equal Rights , and 30 percent Political Representation”

In 2011, WPA-SL celebrated the International Women’s Day. Together with the oldest women’s network of Mothers and Daughters of Lanka, the Law and Society Trust and the National Peace Council participated in the campaign. The theme of the National Campaign of 2011 was “Protect Women’s Human Rights, Demand Equal Rights, and 30 percent Political Representation.” Three hundred participants, including candidates of all political parties contesting Local Government Institutions, joined this campaign. The common poster produced by WPA-SL for the local government election campaign was launched and distributed to candidates and CBOs on this day.

  • In 2010, WPA-SL has produced campaign posters, leaflets, hand bills, banners and streamers as campaign materials.
  •  Demand for 50 per cent Quota in Nomination and one-third reservations.

IMADR Videos


Dr. Nimalka Fernando, IMADR president, shared her committment and life-long struggles to ensure the protection and promotion of human rights in Sri Lanka, at the interview by Groundviews.

Dr. Nimalka Fernando – Civil Society Collective – Media brief

Veediye Virodaya on 6 4 2015 Colombo

Dr Nimalka Fernando speaks on Religious Extremism in Sri Lanka

Women’s rights and Human Rights activists mobilized in front of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) at 4.30 p.m. on the 2nd of December 2013 to protest against the statements made by Hudson Samarasinghe, Chairman of the SLBC.  We mobilized to express our utmost disgust and condemnation of his derogatory and life threatening comments on the ‘Rata Yana Atha’ programme of 4th November, which he both produces and anchors, on Nimalka Fernando a long term Human Rights defender and Women’s Rights activist in Sri Lanka and other Civil Society Organisatons